Trump Soars In The Polls After FBI Raid

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Decades ago, if News broke that the FBI had raided the home of a potential Presidential candidate this likely would not boost their likelihood of getting elected. 

In today’s political climate, this certainly isn’t the case. It appears that most conservatives believe that the FBI raiding President Trump’s home was an abuse of power, and an attempt to persecute a political opponent. 

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Since the news broke that Mar-a-Lago was searched by a swarm of federal agents, Trump is actually higher in the polls. He now has a 10-point boost over Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. 

Attorney General Merrick Garland of the Biden Administration outright admitted that he had personally approved the search of Trump’s Florida resort.

Previously the White House had claimed that the raid was unbeknownst to them. 

Biden Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre said “The Justice Department conducts investigations independently and we leave any law enforcement matters to them – President Biden has been unequivocal since the campaign, he believes in the rule of law and the independence of Department of Justice investigations – that those investigations should be free from political influence and he has held that commitment as President.” 

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The FBI seized several items from Trump’s home, including boxes of documents and single documents marked as classified, confidential, and top secret. 

One item was marked information on the President of France, and another was the order of clemency for Roger Stone. 

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This particular document is public domain, it is not classified information and can even be viewed by the public on the DOJ’s website. 


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