NY School Reads Children’s Book That Teaches Racial Bias In Policing.

A New York school district began reading aloud a children’s book book called “Something happened in our town”. This book was in relation to racial discrimination, specifically police shootings and other forms of brutality. 

Fox News reported: “On Monday, the Binghamton Police Benevolent Association (PBA) told the city’s school administration that the book “Something Happened In Our Town” could endanger public safety. The book was chosen as April book of the month for MacArthur Elementary, according to WBNG.”

In the book, there are several characters all with different racial backgrounds.  The book is narrated through the eyes of young children.

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There had recently been an event in the fictional town where a black man was shot by the police. The black child goes to his house where he is greeted by his father and brother. 

They teach the young boy that the only reason that the man was pulled over in the first place, was due to his skin color. 

They reinforce the idea that if he were white, he wouldn’t have been pulled over, or shot. They assert that there is a pattern of the police shooting block men. 

According to the Bureau of Justice statistics, there is no statistically significant evidence that white men and black men experience police initiated contact at differing rates. 

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12% of Whites experience police initiated contact, and 11% of black people experience police initiated contact. The difference actually favors blacks but is insignificant. 

The police asserted that this book undermines public safety and trust in police officers. The school district has since apologized. 

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