Man Taped To Plane Seat After ASSAULTING Flight Attendants

On a Frontier Airlines flight a 22-year-old man named Maxwell Berry allegedly groped two flight attendants and physically assaulted another. 

Passengers and flight workers held Berry down and taped him to his seat. 

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Videos of the man show him with tape around his chest, yelling for help as passengers laugh and record him.

Upon arrival at the Miami International Airport, Maxwell Berry was arrested and charged with three counts of battery according to a report filed by the police. 

NBC reported, The report says that Berry had consumed two alcoholic drinks and that after he finished them, he brushed his cup against a flight attendant’s buttocks. The flight attendant told him “don’t touch me,” according to the arrest report.

Berry ordered a third alcoholic beverage but spilled it on his shirt, according to the report. It said that he went to the bathroom and that when he came out, he was shirtless. The flight attendant told Berry he needed to be clothed and helped him get an extra shirt out of his carry-on bag, the report says.

The report also states that Berry wandered around the plane for roughly 15 minutes before groping another flight attendant’s chest. He was told not to touch her. Allegedly, he then groped the breasts of both attendants a second time.

Afterward he was warned to remain seated, but Berry proceeded to punch a third attendant in the face. This person was tasked with watching over Berry and making sure he remained in his seat. 

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