Half Of New Hampshire ‘Diversity Council’ Resigns

Over the last year, ‘systemic racism’ has been an extremely hot topic. Many claim that some invisible force continues to oppress people of color despite not being able to point to one single piece of legislation currently in effect as an example. 

After New Hampshire’s Governor limited the teaching of things like racism, and sexism in school nearly half of those on his diversity council resigned.

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The Daily Caller wrote, “At least half of Republican New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu’s Advisory Council on Diversity and Inclusion resigned Tuesday, citing his approval of a state budget limiting conversations of “systemic racism” as a reason for members departing.”

“We feel obligated to inform you that—contrary to your recent public statements—systemic racism does in fact exist here in New Hampshire,” 10 members stated in a letter addressed to Sununu. The signatories showed support for the council’s mission to “combat discrimination and advance diversity and inclusion,” but were upset following the governor’s passage of legislation with provisions limiting government efforts to advance discussions centered around systemic racism.”

Restrictions would prevent the teachings that one is is ‘inherently racist, sexist, or oppressive, whether consciously or unconsciously as a result of some immutable characteristic such as race or gender.’

“Given your willingness to sign this damaging provision and make it law, we are no longer able to serve as your advisors,” the resigning council members remarked.

This legislation would undoubtedly impede the teaching of Critical Race Theory. A curriculum that teaches America is fundamentally racist at its core but expects those who learn it to view every social interaction through the Penske of race. This philosophy would ultimately lead to race based legislation. The exact opposite of what is needed to combat so called “systemic racism” that allegedly still exists. 

Some Twitter users poked fun at the states slogan, ‘Live free or die’ saying ‘Live free or…not?’ Though a teachers ability to teach opinions at a state funded school is not a right nor a freedom guaranteed anywhere in any lawful document under the United States.

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