GAS: MSNBC Host Calls Biden Admin Out For Blaming Putin

The left-wing media is even sick of Biden’s tiresome deflection of the blame on the inflation front. 

The Daily Caller reported, that MSNBC host Willie Geist told the director of the White House National Economic Council (NEC) on “Morning Joe” Friday that Americans are not blaming Russian President Vladimir Putin for soaring gas prices.

“Brian, it’s true of course that Russia’s war in Ukraine is impacting oil prices, yes. But I promise you, the landscaper two days ago I talked to at the gas pump who was trying to fill up two cans and backpack blowers and mowers in his truck were not going ‘damn you, Putin.’ So what do you say to him? What do you say to families who can’t afford all their groceries right now?” Geist asked. 

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The narrative since Biden assumed the Oval Office has been that the pandemic caused skyrocketing gas prices, now the blame has been placed on Vladimir Putin. The pandemic and the war in Ukraine certainly impact the price of gas, but not to the same degree that domestic policy does. 

Russian oil imports only accounted for 3% of U.S. crude oil imports, even before the war and hefty sanctions. 

Brian Deese responded by saying, “That is the impact of war. It’s not fun, nobody likes it. But we have to stand against that aggression. So then the real issue is what can we do to blunt those increases and what can we do to get relief to families. And the thing I would say to them is that you have a president who is focused on saying ‘how can I blunt the increase in gas prices, how can I blunt the increase in oil prices but also how can I bring down the other costs that they’re looking at when they’re trying to figure out their monthly budget.”

Even if the war in Russia was the main issue affecting oil prices, which it’s not, why wouldn’t domestic policy reflect that? Why wouldn’t the administration be doing everything they can to help the fuel industry and reduce prices? Instead, Biden continually issues detrimental policies, crippling the fuel industry. 

“There are things that we can do on that front, but it’s not the only place that we should be focused,” Deese said. 

Of course, other concerns exist, but a deteriorating supply chain and $5/gal gas is quite a significant issue that deserves a proportional focus. 

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