Cuomo: Accusers ‘Jealous’ Of Him

From sexual harassment  allegations, to anti-semitism, and even anti LGBTQ rhetoric New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has has his plate full of accusations in recent months. 

The sexual harassment allegations vary from uninvited sexual remarks, to unwanted kissing and touching. The allegations stem especially from former employees of the governor. 

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In Cuomo’s first press conference in months, he claimed that his accusers were simply “jealous” and seeking attention by using his name for exposure. 

He claims that there is no truth to any of the accusations that he is being battered with. Despite the increasing number if women, thus has been his story all along. 

The New York Post reported:  “Cuomo was also confronted publically about the latest bombshell report involving him — a New York Times Magazine story alleging he used an anti-trans slur and referred to Jews as “these people and their f–king treehouses” during a Sukkot event.”

The governor claims that he has never said such things. He claims that he is being slandered. The motive for such slander remains unknown. 

“People are venial. People want attention. People are angry. People are jealous.’’ The governor claimed. 

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