Bronx Educator FIRED After Refusing “Black Panther Salute”

A veteran Bronx educator was fired after she refused to do the “black panther salute” it seemed as if she didn’t want to symbolize anything offensive.

The superintendent claimed that this had no affiliation to the black panther party and was rather a salute from the Marvel movie “black panther”.

Even if this were so, this makes the situation no better. The insanity of firing someone for refusing to act out something from a movie is outrageous. 

The superintendent who has since been promoted claimed that not participating in this salute was disrespectful because it symbolizes black empowerment. The Supreme Court of Manhattan agreed. 

According to Fox News the salute in question was the famous cross armed symbol from the movie but the plot thickens. 

Allegedly, the superintendent referred directly to the black panther political party when encouraging staff to partake. She even went as far to speak on her own fathers involvement. 

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