February 19th Supreme Court Schedule

The Supreme Court certainly has a lot on its plate for the month of February, some cases include: Sidney Powell vs Michigan, Lin Wood vs Georgia, and Kelly vs. Pennsylvania. 

Sidney Powell is continuing to challenge the integrity of the Michigan election and fight against alleged fraud 

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Lin Wood, a particularly controversial lawyer from Georgia is doing the same. Attempting to make the court see and hear the irregularities that he believes resulted in an unfair election. 

Kelly vs. Pennsylvania is also an election case, but has a rather compelling argument in store. 

The issue is, that Pennsylvania legislature has a very specific provision for no-excuse absentee voting. The claim is that mail in voting violates this policy, and therefore the Supreme Court should forbid Pennsylvania from certifying its 2020 election results. 

This seems to be one of the most solid arguments presented yet, because it does not fall back on unprovable fraud. Rather it challenges the legality of how the election was operated.

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