Biden Stands With Isreal

Despite “progressives” within the Democratic Party supporting Palestine and backing Hamas, President Joe Biden says that he believes the democrat party still supports Israel. 

The Daily Caller reported: Biden has staunchly supported Israel for years and “conveyed unwavering support” for the country during a May 12 call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to a readout of the call from the White House. Meanwhile, progressive Democrats within the party, including New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib and Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, have condemned Israel and the president’s support for the country.

“There is no shift in my commitment to the security of Israel,” Biden said when asked by a reporter. “Let’s get something straight here. Until the region says unequivocally they acknowledge the right of Israel to exist as an independent Jewish state, there will be no peace.”

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The President said that he is “praying this ceasefire will hold.”

One of the so called “progressives” who “stands with Palestine” is Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. 

Marjorie Taylor Greene said “.@AOC you’re responsible for attacks on Jewish people bc of your hate-Israel stance against Israel’s right to defend itself from terrorists Hamas, calling Israel an apartheid state, & supporting terrorists groups. Aligning yourself with terrorists means your a terrorist,” in a tweet. 

The tweet was in reply to one written by AOC herself. In the tweet, the New York congresswoman said that Anti Semitism will not be tolerated in the state. After Jewish attacks escalated. 

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Several conflicts have in the streets of anew York City in the last few weeks. Some Jews say that they have to “second guess wearing a  yarmulke” in public


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