Democrat Mayor Of Rochester Charged With Criminal Possession Of Firearm

Mayor of Rochester, Lovely Warren, is being charged with criminal possession of a firearm, as well as two counts of failure to secure firearms in a dwelling. She and her husband, Timothy Granison, will be arraigned this Wednesday.

The Monroe County District Attorney indicates the Warren home was searched by New York State Police on May 19 and officers discovered a “Standard Manufacturing STD-15 rifle and a Kal-Tec P-40 pistol.” Neither weapon was registered to Warren or her husband.

Additionally, Warren and her husband face charges of “endangering the welfare of a child” because a 10-year-old child was found in the home alone when officers arrived.

AWR Hawkins, Breitbart

Warren has previously used the fight against illegal weapons in Rochester as a platform while she was in office. According to an NBC affiliate, Rochester police confiscated at least 200 illegal guns during the summer of 2020. Warren had imposed a curfew during this time in effort to cut down on gun violence, saying it was ‘disheartening’ to see all the illegal weapons coming in.

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Warren is not new to legal trouble, as she was indicted last year after being accused of boosting finances above the donation limit during her 2017 campaign. These felony fraud charges suggested Warren’s team used an illegal political action committee to do so.

Though she ran for reelection this year, Warren lost her race in the June primary. Her current term will end at the end of the year.


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