Body Camera Footage Shows Interaction With NBC Employee Who Followed Jury

During the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, an NBC employee was caught irresponsibly failing a vehicle full of jurors.

At the time, little was known about the occurrence. Many speculated that the individual was hoping to snap a picture of whoever sat on that jury. 

As a consequence, judge Bruce Schroeder banned NBC from his courtroom for the duration of the Rittenhouse trial. Prior to this happening Schroeder had already expressed his discontent with the way that the media dragged the attorneys involved in the case. 

Now, body camera footage from the incident has been released. 

The footage shows a Kenosha Police Officer interacting with the NBC affiliate. The reporter tells the officer that his boss had instructed him to follow the vehicle. 

At one point he hands his cell phone to the officer. On the phone is someone from an NBC office in New York. 

The woman on the phone stutters around nearly every question she is asked by the officer and doesn’t give a clear picture of what was going on. 

She does however, clarify that they were not trying to contact any of the jury members indicating that she knew the vehicle was containing jurors. 

The officer had not at any point during the interaction even hinted that this was the case.