Chicago Officials Took Time Off Over Bloody Weekend Of The 4th

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is once again under fire for neglect during the bloody 4th of July weekend. 

Lightfoot allegedly vowed “all hands on deck” to combat the violent weekend spree that was anticipated.

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Fox wrote, Lightfoot’s chief of staff, Sybil Madison, told city workers in an email that he would be out of office the Thursday and Friday before the holiday, the Chicago Tribune reported. 

Sources told the newspaper that Lightfoot’s deputy mayor for public safety, John O’Malley, was also out of the office for most of the week leading up to the holiday weekend, which left at least 100 people shot and 18 killed.

Just days ago, Lightfoot claimed that violent crime was actually down in the Windy City. Evidentially this, is not true.  The Chicago Tribune has been tracking violence in Chicago. They claim that in Chicago 1,587 people have been shot this year. This is 195 more than in 2020.  

In fact, by the end of the year in 2020 there were 775 homicides. This number was 50% greater than the 506 homicides in the pervious year of 2019. 

Chicagoans criticized Lightfoot due to once again falling through on promises made, that unfortunately, this time just might have cost the lives of some who lived in the city. 

No American wants to work on our nations birthday. But these employees obligated themselves to responsibilities on the holiday. 

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The Mayor has obligated herself in running, to manage the city and tell the truth to the press. 


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