ACE Customer ATTACKED By Employee For Not Wearing Mask

Even after mask mandates are lifted, and life for vaccinated people goes back to normal Americans still have strong feelings on the topic. 

In Seattle, an Ace Hardware employee attacked a man with a baseball bat after he refused to put on a mask. 

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“They pretty much told him, ‘put a mask on or get out,’” said Bobby Dixon. Dixon had recorded the altercation in a viral video. 

Dixon wore his mask, but his friend however refused. As they exited the building the employee at the counter allegedly began “running his mouth” and using vulgar language. 

He attempted to get the employees name, so that he could be reported to a manager. This was the point where Dixon was threatened with the baseball bat. “I’m lucky he didn’t hit me or swing with it, you know, I was able to rip it out of his hands.” He said.

As the two began thrashing eachother about, the bat was dropped to the ground and not picked back up. Dixon and the Employee raised their fists and brawled. 

The employee was terribly concerned with a lack of mask wearing, but was more than willing to fist fight someone portentously risking infection. 

Fights often result in bodily fluids being expelled from the body. Blood, and saliva alike. The fight is extremely counter productive to the alleged goal of the unknown man. 

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The name if the aggressor has not been released to Dixon, but he stated that he does intend to press charges when he finds out.

Some Twitter users argue that ACE is a private company and can enforce whatever rules they wish, others counter that the pair were fully vaccinated. After Calling ACE, Merica! Now uncovered that, Lake City Ace Hardware does in fact have a mask mandate.

Upon calling Lake Cities branch, no contact was made. A corporate customer service agent stated that the Seattle based store does have a mask mandate enforced by it’s owner after she made a call herself.

This however does not mean that the stores employees can use potentially deadly force on citizens who refuse, especially if they are attempting to leave the store.


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