71% Of Voters Do Not Want A Second Biden Term

Joe Biden, who received more than 80 million votes is now one of the most unpopular American Presidents of all time. 71% of voters do not want a second Joe Biden term. 

The Daily Caller reported, 71% of Americans surveyed said they do not want Biden to seek a second term, and 29% indicated he should. Among those who opposed Biden’s second term, 45% said he should not make a second bid because “he’s a bad president,” 30% said Biden, who is about to turn 80 this year, is “too old” and 26% said, “it’s time for a change.” Additionally, 60% of voters have doubts about Biden’s mental fitness for office. 

Additionally, only 30% of Democrats would actually vote for the President again. If Joe Biden does run once more, the outcome could be devastating for the Democrat party. Joe Biden could lose votes for the party, or he could conflict with a more competent candidate causing votes to go to waste. 

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The poll showed that a major concern among voters is the current economic situation. Two-thirds of voters indicated that they felt as though they were financially worse off under a Biden Administration. 

Likewise, 61% of those surveyed also do not want to see another Trump term though it’s unclear if they’d vote red as an alternative to Joe. 


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