Biden’s Approval PLUMMETS as Americans Fear Economic Downfall

Biden’s Approval Rating Almost Matches The Lowest Ever Recorded


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Since Biden has became our President, there has been a slew of issues he has created as well as failed to address in a time sensitive manner. It’s becoming to the point where America has begun to wonder if he actively is destroying the country on purpose or if he is just simply the wrong man for the job

The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, has released a poll on the approval ratings for the current president. In February, Biden was looking at an approval rating of 45%. Today we find out that number has dropped significantly to almost matching an all time low at a staggering 38%.

Biden himself seems unsure if he should even continue to run in the 2024 election. He has yet to make a formal announcement on this. Members of the Democratic Party have began to call for “Younger Blood” to lead the party in 2024. Biden would be 82 years old by inauguration day.

Biden Has not been at a positive approval rating since August of 2021. And currently his approval rating is almost touches his all time low which was 36% in July of 2022.

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Some of the prevalent issues Biden has caused for our country are as follows: the banking crisis, the border crisis, crippling inflation, the mismanagement of funds being sent to the Ukraine, the debt crisis and the allowance of fentanyl to continually cross our borders with no efforts to have it eradicated.

It’s hard to believe someone who has caused so many problems for our country still even has a 38% approval rating. Joe Biden is the biggest threat to freedoms and financial security this country has seen in a long time.

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Interviews with some of the respondents from the Associated Press-NORC poll suggest the public has mixed feelings about Biden. Even Democrats and Liberals who had once believed Joe Biden to be a positive force in America are beginning to have their doubts.

One of the poll respondents, Andrew Dwyer, liberal, age 30, states “I don’t think he’s the best at representing my position and issues. But I know being president involves compromises.” Dwyer voted for president Biden in 2020 but now his feelings have turned from voting for Biden to neutral towards approval.

Another voter from the poll Michael McComas, 51, voted Republican in 2020 and described Biden as “not great — average, I guess.” A resident of Westland, Michigan, he said that it will take years to determine whether federal infrastructure spending fulfills the promises made by Biden.

The drop in Biden’s approval rating is largely synced to the sentiment amongst Democrats. 76% of them feel he is doing a good job of being president, however, only 61% of them feel he is doing a good job of handling the economy. This could represent the falloff in numbers.

Another reason for Biden’s numbers dropping is the continued unpopular views had by the younger generation. Lifetime democrats will back their president blindly, however, people under the age of 45 and with a lifetime ahead of them realize that this is not a good look for our country.

54% of the younger Dems approve of the president’s economic leadership, compared to 72% of Democrats older than 45. Similarly, just 66% of Democrats under 45 approve of Biden overall, compared to 85% of older Democrats.


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