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Biden’s Approval Ratings Plummet as Critical Issues Remain Unaddressed

Low Approval Ratings for Gun and Immigration Policies Leave Biden’s Reelection Uncertain


As President Joe Biden gears up for his reelection campaign, the economy remains a critical issue for American voters with just 33% of them approving of his handling of the economy. According to a recent poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, only 24% believe that national economic conditions are in good shape. High inflation, a difficult housing market and concerns about potential debt default are likely contributors to this stat. At the same time, opinion on gun policy and immigration also paints a bleak picture for the president, with only 31% approving of his performance on these hot button issues. Democrats themselves are divided in their approval of his handling of immigration and gun policy, with only about half in support.

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Despite these challenges, some voters continue to support the president. John Billman, 79, of Chapel Hill in North Carolina, believes that Biden does not get enough credit for passing the $1 trillion infrastructure bill and the $280 billion CHIPS Act. These bills have been aimed at boosting the U.S. semiconductor industry and maintaining historically low unemployment rates.

The border crisis is another area where Biden falls short for many Americans. Independent voters, typically Republican voters but those who voted for Biden in 2020, along with staunch Republicans such as Vought, have seen the number of immigrants crossing over illegally spike. During the 2022 budget year alone, there was a record 2.38 million apprehensions at the southern border — a concerning figure for all. Border Patrol agents have since returned to pre-pandemic immigration laws that impose stricter penalties on those who enter the U.S. without permission. While frustrating, voters like Vought note that they would still vote for the Democrat again if Trump wins the Republican nomination.

However, many Democrats who support the president’s performance are feeling overwhelmed by the drastic changes the country has undergone post-pandemic. They are also considering the nation’s total lack of bipartisanship in Washington. Karen D’Andrea, 64, a Democrat from Port Lucie, Florida, who lost her job at the start of the pandemic, believes that the country is heading in the wrong direction but still approves of Biden’s performance. D’Andrea notes that we need to work together to achieve success, as opposed to the rhetoric adopted by Republicans who talk about making America great again.

Biden’s approval ratings on the economy are low compared to his overall approval ratings (40%). The current figure is consistent with his approval ratings over the past year and a half. The public’s opinion of the economy may have played a role in Biden’s underperformance in this area, with only 61% of Democrats approving of his handling of the issue compared to 75% on his job overall. Similarly, Democrats are also pessimistic about the nation’s economic prospects. Although, they remain more optimistic than Republicans about the country’s future direction and the state of its economy.

Overall, for Biden to win over more conservative voters, he must tackle the issues that matter most to them, such as the economy, immigration and gun policy. While the passage of infrastructure and CHIPS Act bills and maintaining a record-low unemployment rate were positive steps, many voters do not consider it enough. Instead, they are looking for more concrete solutions. They are urging the administration to take action on issues that matter most to them. This includes finding ways to address high inflation, stabilizing the housing market, and ultimately finding a solution to the rising government debt.

The recent spate of mass shootings has also left many feeling hopeless. The Texas mall shootings and others like them are a glimpse into the pervasive gun violence continuously plaguing the nation. Americans want legislative action to combat gun violence and are frustrated by the lack of progress in this regard. Studies show that gun-related deaths and injuries in America are among the highest in the world and that there are more guns than people in the country. Conservative voters in particular want to see stricter laws around guns, which could act as a catalyst for swaying their opinion on Biden.

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Another pressing issue for conservative voters is immigration. Voters are wary of illegal crossings by immigrants at the southern border and the need for tough immigration enforcement. Most believe that Biden has yet to take appropriate action in this regard. As a result, conservatives continue to push for tougher immigration reform such as harsher penalties on illegal immigration. Notably, the reinstatement of pre-pandemic immigration laws by Border Patrol agents has been a welcome move, particularly among conservative voters.

When it comes to bipartisanship, more conservative voters are calling for a return to collaborative politics and transparent governance. However, with the current political climate, which remains divisive and fractious, the need to reach a consensus is often overlooked. Voters, particularly conservative ones, want politicians to work together, irrespective of political affiliation, to achieve results and provide better leadership. To win their support, Biden needs to foster an environment of inclusivity, transparency and come up with policies that satisfy everyone’s interests.

The overarching message is clear: American voters want Biden to address issues that matter most to them such as the economy, immigration and gun policy. While the president has accomplished many things in his term, these issues remain a priority and are critical to his success in the upcoming presidential elections. Biden’s success will determine whether or not he wins re-election in 2024.

To this end, voters are looking for more creative solutions to address their concerns. Finding ways to tackle rising inflation, stabilizing the housing market, addressing national debt, and finding legislative solutions to combat gun violence are just some of the areas that voters want immediate attention on. Moreover, for immigration, tougher enforcement measures against illegal crossings and immigration fraud are essential to implementing any meaningful immigration reform.

Democrats remain divided on their approval of the president’s handling of immigration and gun control, and while they remain optimistic about the country’s future direction, there remains significant work to be done. For Biden to maintain their support, he must offer definitive policies that thrill and excite his base. The administration must take note that their prospects for re-election depend on their ability to address these issues correctly.

In conclusion, despite the challenges that persist in the country today, optimism remains in some quarters. Conservative voters, in particular, note that we can return to a better America, albeit one where leaders from both sides of the aisle work together to achieve success. They call on the administration to address their most pressing concerns and to find creative solutions to the country’s most significant challenges. It is up to Biden and his team to start listening and implementing policies that will satisfy both sides while propelling the country forward.

Thus, Biden must show leadership on gun policies, the economy, and immigration. His actions will determine his legacy and potential for re-election. The president must look beyond short-term gains and work to develop policies that not only address current challenges but also ensure long-term prosperity for all Americans.

As the nation moves forward, Biden must come up with plans to address and tackle issues that many conservative voters care about. With a proactive approach and a willingness to work across the aisle, Biden can appeal to a wider demographic and build a more inclusive and united America.

Finally, it is up to the Biden administration to show the nation that they are taking concerns and issues seriously. To do this, they must find ways to rebuild trust and transparency between the government and its people. In the end, success may depend on these intangibles as much as on policies and legislation.


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