Biden ‘Patriotic Responsibility” For Vaccinated People To Wear Masks

In a “Today Show” interview Biden claimed that it is a “patriotic responsibility” for vaccinated Americans to continue wearing masks even when outside and close to others. 

He explained that he has a high likelihood of people coming up to him and talking while he’s outside, and therefore he may continue to wear masks. He explained that it was a patriotic responsibility to do so, 

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This comes after the CDC released new guidance claiming that vaccinated people will only need to wear masks outdoors when they are in crowded areas. 

Biden started by asking Americans to keep their masks on for 100 days. He now claims that after that 100 days it remains a “patriotic responsibility” to wear masks even when the CDC is not recommending it. 

The question in the back if everyone’s head is: when will the mask wearing stop? If vaccines aren’t enough, what is? Zero cases? 


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