This is HOW Facebook Influenced our Elections!

If the fusion of corporate and state powers doesn’t concern you, then there’s a good chance you like to whine about displays of American flags being fascistic while applauding aristocratic overreach.

A watchdog group has uncovered that the CTCL (Center for Tech and Civic Life) accepted a $350 million “donation” from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. These funds were later dispensed as grants prior to the 2020 general election in Georgia – and at a rate favoring blue congressional districts over red districts by a rate of 7 to 1. Additionally, another $14.5 million was provided for the state’s January runoffs – again, directly provided by Zuckerberg. Despite the massive disparity in donor funding, Biden only clinched victory by a margin of approximately 12,000 votes.

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Just imagine what elections would like like if they weren’t being steered by billion-dollar corporate interests.

These funds were logged as “election safety grants”, though only a pittance was reportedly spent on actual protective and sanitation gear. As if germs were the threat and not the social-media magnates pouring money into state elections to effect the outcome. In that case, the money was only a means to drive turnout where it was needed.

But this begs the question: How do those who claim to want to tax and eat the rich justify aligning with the 1% of the 1%? Does it ever strike them as odd or paradoxical that their rantings seem more focused on berating restaurant owners and farmers rather than pro-athletes or Hollywood actors? Do they actually believe that their billionaire buddies seek to abolish themselves? Do such thoughts ever eek themselves out in addled minds of the professionally oppressed?

For some, yes; but the grift to too well-paying to let go of. These days, it is entirely too easy to fain concern and anger at a system you helped create, in order to convince the uninitiated, incurious masses that you are the real underdog that’s fighting for a better life for the plebs of society. You can even rave about racial injustice while simultaneously inciting violence and destroying the commerce and value of neighborhoods that you claim to champion.

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This is American politics; where alliances are bought and what’s priceless is in the way.


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