School Shooting In Arlington Leaves 15 Year Old In Critical Condition

Shots rang out at Timberview High School in Arlington Wednesday following a fight between two students.

Four people were injured during the shooting. One of which was a 15-year old boy who’s name as not been released. The boy is currently in critical condition. All injured persons were taken to the hospital, aside from one adult who had minor injuries and declined treatment. 

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The Dallas Times reported, Arlington police said they received several calls around 9:15 a.m. about a shooting on the second floor of the school at 7700 S. Watson Road.

According to Arlington Assistant Police Chief Kevin Kolbye, the shooting occurred during a fight at the school. Video circulating on social media that purports to depict what led up to the shooting shows two males fighting in a classroom.

During a News conference, the police identified an 18 year old suspect named Timothy George Simpkins. Simpkins turned himself in around at 1:50pm and was charged with three counts of aggravated assault. 

Kevin Kolbye said, “This is not a random act of violence, this is not somebody attacking our schools. … We believe this was a student who got into a fight.”

Left wing “progressives” on Twitter have begun defending Simpkins. Users demanded that the young man be taken alive at all costs. 

They also called him a “child” and criticized the police for releasing his name and photo, despite Simpkins being at the age of legal adulthood. 

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