2 Women Who Stole Kid’a MAGA Plead GUILTY To Hate Crime

Last August two women were caught on video at the Democratic National Convention while tearing up Trump signs and snatching a MAGA hat off the ground.

The clip was quickly posted by Students For Trump on Twitter, and shortly after, police were able to identify the women involved.

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Olivia Winslow and Camryn Amy were present at the DNC in Wilmington, Delaware and have pleaded guilty to charges of theft, child endangerment and hate crimes.

They will be sentenced in September and prosecutors are not seeking prison time. Attorneys involved agreed that probation was a proper sentence.

The video shows Amy and Winslow ripping up signs as the woman filming asks, “are you destroying my property?”. They then grab a hat off the ground, prompting a seven-year-old to chase them in attempt to get it back.

Another individual gets involved, possibly a relative of the woman filming, and he is punched in the face. Amy then comes after the mother, hitting her multiple times.

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