Latest Subject Of BLM Protests Attempted To Murder Several People

The most recent subject of Black Lives Matter protests in New York City is 24 year old Michael Rosado from the Bronx. 

After initiating a fight with others, Rosado pulled out his gun and fired two shots. A pair of off duty officers confronted him. 

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The officers asked the man to disarm himself, but instead he opened fire on the police. Rosado missed, but when the police returned fire, they fatally struck him in the abdomen. 

A video shows Rosado opening up on the police, and then dropping his firearm just before being shot in the stomach. 

After this, Rosado’s 44 year old father, Rafael,  grabs the weapon and fires at the police. The father, just like his son, had not hit any officers. 

Rafael Rosado passed the firearm off, and fled the scene. After returning, he was arrested for attempted murder. 

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After the death of Michael Rosado, BLM protestors crowded around the 46th precinct for several days straight. 

Friday night, one of the demonstrators who possessed a red can doused an NYPD van in gasoline before attempting to light it. 

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The officers managed to drive away before the van was lit on fire. 


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