Biden Caught Maskless In Store That Requires Them

President Joe Biden was seen shopping in a store without a mask over the weekend, despite the store having a mask requirement.

He was caught Saturday in Murray’s Toggery Shop in Nantucket with his mask down around his neck.

The shop had a visible sign on the door that said “Required face covering”.

Fox News reported that Biden left the store around 4:45 p.m. while appearing to drink a milkshake.

The president was in Nantucket for Thanksgiving and visited other stores during his shopping trip.

Biden ignored questions from the media about what should be done to stop the new omicron variant as he visited another store.

Earlier this month, Nantucket re-imposed an indoor mask mandate when COVID cases rose.

Biden has been caught maskless on multiple occasions while he encourages Americans to wear them. Last month he was seen at an upscale Washington, D.C. restaurant without a mask.

This month, he has been spotted maskless and talking with members of the public, only putting one on for a photo-op.