The Vaccine Will Paralyze Her But College Still Denied Her – The Horror Story Of Olivia Sandor

Brigham Young University -Hawaii (BYUH) is only allowing students who have received the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Some horror stories involve students on their last semester of school, and being forced to transfer to BYU Idaho, but none are worse than that of Olivia Sandor. 

Sandor is an incoming freshmen who gave up $200,000 in scholarships to attend the Hawaiian school. 

Olivia Sandor was diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS) which is an auto immune disease that has temporarily paralyzed her from the waste down. 

Now, all of Olivia’s medical providers have warned her not to get the COVID-19 vaccine as it may cause permanent paralysis. 

An exemption form for Olivia was provided to BYUH by her doctors where they explained the dangerously extreme situation that she was in.

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Olivia’s medical exemption was denied by the University. In other situations the BYUH president has explained that choices have consequences, and that the consequence of refusing the vaccine was not attending the school. 

Getting the vaccine is not a “choice” for Olivia. It is an impossibility. She either goes paralyzed or, is shunned from society. 

After appealing the University simply told her that they know better than her medical providers saying that there are “viable alternatives to the vaccine without risk of GBS” 

They told her that she should not receive the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, but that Pfizer and Moderna would be fine. 

So Olivia is made to ignore the advice her doctors have given her, and risk paralyzation to attend a school that in humanely is denying all exemptions. 


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