Clinton Non-Profit Funnels Tens Of Thousands Into DEFUND THE POLICE Group

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Reports have revealed that one of Hillary Clinton’s non-profit foundations has funneled more than $75,000 to a “far-left” group focused on defunding the police. 

Fox News reported, that Onward Together, which Clinton launched in 2017 to be part of the resistance against former President Trump, pushed the general support grant to the Washington, D.C.-based Alliance for Youth Action sometime between April 1, 2020, and March 31, 2021, its latest tax forms show.

The group claims that the policing system in the United States was founded on “was founded on slave patrols and continues to target and murder Black people,” which is nothing more than a genetic fallacy. 

Even if we for a moment assume that this was the purpose of police in America, which it was not, why would this mean that the police force would remain this way? 

If we used this standard of reasoning, the Democrat party at its core would be a pro-slavery, anti-civil rights political party.

But of course, organizations can adapt and change over time and differ completely from their original founding. 

The Alliance for Youth Action said on their website, “Centering Black people in our work means it is time to divest from police, and invest in Black futures –  Defunding the police as part of the path towards abolition is one of the many steps that must be taken to ensure that Black people are able to thrive.”

Oddly enough, it seems that defunding the police would do nothing more than exacerbate the issue and cause it to worsen. 

After all, if the education system was not operating to standards would defunding that system be considered an effective way of making it better? Of course not, adequate training, resources and supplies require funding.

The organization continued, “As a network, we commit to ongoing learning about abolition, dismantling of white supremacy, and decentering of whiteness in our work – For individual organizations, this work includes providing extensive training on anti-racism for staff, focusing on issues that disproportionately impact people of color, incorporating racial justice and intersectional language in messaging, and integrating anti-racism into every aspect of the work including strategic plans.”