Taylor Lorenz Claims Reporter Threw Her ‘Under The Bus’ In Interview

Taylor Lorenz, the Washington Post columnist who doxxed LibsofTikTok, claimed an interview with an NBC News reporter subjected her to “months of abuse.”

Lorenz criticized NBC News reporter Morgan Radford after being interviewed in April about female journalists who are harassed for their reporting. 

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The interview went viral after clips of Lorenz sobbing while reading hate comments off her phone to Radford were shared.

Lorenz was accused of acting victimized when she has purposely targeted conservatives and exposed them for harassment.

She shared her frustration in a Twitter thread that appeared to blame Radford for some of it.

Lorenz began by saying she had “no bigger regret” than having participated in the interview.

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“No bigger regret in my career than making the mistake of thinking @MorganRadford knew how to accurately report on abuse/ harassment,” she wrote.

“Her complete mishandling of the story has led to immense fallout and months of abuse. I cannot warn women loudly enough to stay away from her/MSNBC,” Lorenz added.

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The journalist went on to claim Radford used her to gain views, saying “Never did I think a fellow woman journalist would throw a colleague under the bus, especially one that purports to advocate for marginalized communities.”

“It’s a reminder that cable news will always, above all else, exploit people for cheap views. They fundamentally do not care,” she added.

Lorenz also offered advice to female journalists looking to get their stories out in the media.

“All I can say is do NOT trust anyone in the media to tell your story or report on harassment accurately, especially TV news people. They do not care about u or getting it right,” she explained.

She concluded the thread by saying she is “so grateful to the orgs” that she has worked with to “educate people on issues of online harassment & abuse.”

Lorenz encouraged the media to take harassment stories more seriously and accurately report them. “It’s been almost a decade since gamergate, we can do better,” she said.

When asked what happened by Financial Times San Francisco correspondent Patrick McGee, Lorenz said Radford “produced an insane garbage segment months ago that misgendered a colleague (then refused to immediately correct it).”

Lorenz claimed Radford also “lied about my harassment campaign” and “completely misrepresented what I said and how I’ve handled 2 straight years of relentless abuse.”

She noted that the NBC reporter never apologized or attempted to fix the situation.


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