The First Transgender Olympian

The world is set to lay its eyes on the very first transgender Olympian. A weight lifter named “Laurel Hubbard”. A biological man who will compete against biological women in the sport of lifting heavy things. 

Wokeness of the left has officially come full circle. The strive to crush the patriarchy and empower women, but want to allow men the opportunity to dominate women’s sports. 

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These to ideals combined seem to be quite contradictory to one another. If there was a patriarchy, this certainly wouldn’t be the way to crush it. 

Hubbard, is from New Zealand and is guaranteed a spot at the olympics. The IOC has approved this Athletes place. 

It’s very likely that Hubbard would not qualify to compete against her biological counter parts. She likely would not have been an Olympian were it not for these regressive rules. 


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