Biden: MORE Focused on Social Justice than Relief.

U.S. President Joe Biden speaks after a tour of a Pfizer manufacturing plant producing the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine in Kalamazoo, Michigan, U.S., February 19, 2021. REUTERS/Tom Brenner?

When harsh times fall upon the American people as a whole, the Democrats in our government take it upon themselves to favor certain racial and ethnic groups. They feel that whites are already privileged enough therefore others deserve more. But this logic does not add up. 

In the 1.9 trillion dollar stimulus package supported by Biden, favorites supposedly racially disadvantaged farmers. It puts nearly $1 billion towards socially disadvantaged farmers including an equity commission and other assistance furthering “racial justice farming” 

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When looking upon the American people as individuals rather than members of racial groups real progress can be made. Not all blacks are poor, and not all whites are rich. Most blacks, and most whites are members of the middle class. 

A simple solution is to target those who are struggling and in the process struggling minorities will also be helped. 

The Democrats are not doing this because they care about minorities. They have other incentives. If they do things “for” minorities that look good on paper, they will be favoured next time an election comes up. 

aside from this, the package would also be paying off the loans of “socially disadvantaged farmers” after already claiming that socially disadvantaged farmers “don’t get loans” and using it as a justification for other parts of the bill.

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