Sean Hannity CAUGHT Vaping On Air

Thursday, Fox News host Sean Hannity was caught taking a drag from his Juul on television. 

Hannity hadn’t realized that the commercial break had ended. The host looked up at the camera after blowing out vapor, with the Juul still in his mouth and muttered “uh oh”. 

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His surprised look, smirk, and crooked glasses made for one of the most humorous Fox News moments in recent times. Hannity acknowledged his mistake, and then immediately jumped into the show. 

When he passed the air along to Laura Ingraham she poked at him pretending to be surprised by the broadcast. Hannity, knowing the moment would make headlines replied with “Enjoy it, everybody, at my expense,” he told Ms Ingraham. “I have a good sense of humor.”

This however is not the first time the Host can be seen on set puffing on a vape. In 2017 a clip of him using a cigarette look-alike while off air circulated. 

When the dust settles, Sean Hannity is an adult. If he chooses to take a vape break in between commercials, he is free to do so. It does not appear that anyone on set is opposed. In the 2017 clip, laughs can be heard in the background. 


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