Biden’s Racist Aid Program Halted By Judge

Giving, or not giving anyone to anyone based on their skin color, is bound to start problems regardless of what way it is implemented. It creates an advantage, or disadvantage for one group or another 100% of the time. There is no reason why the government of the free world and the “party of equality” should be implementing policy that does this. 

After President Joe Biden implemented policy that gave more aid to farmers of color a group of white farmers filed a lawsuit claiming that this program is discriminatory towards them. 

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NBC reported, “A federal judge in Wisconsin has ordered a temporary halt to a $4 billion federal loan relief program aimed at addressing longstanding inequities for farmers of color after a legal challenge by white farmers who argue the policy discriminates against them.

Judge William Griesbach found in an order issued Thursday that the white farmers “are likely to succeed on the merits of their claim” that the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s ‘use of race-based criteria in the administration of the program violates their right to equal protection under the law.”

The payments will be temporarily blocked until a dedication can be made, as per an order from Griesbach. 

A Department of Agriculture spokes person, Matt Herrick said “We respectfully disagree with this temporary order and USDA will continue to forcefully defend our ability to carry out this act of Congress and deliver debt relief to socially disadvantaged borrowers. When the temporary order is lifted, USDA will be prepared to provide the debt relief authorized by Congress.”

The USDA does have the ability to provide debt relief to “socially disadvantaged farmers”. Just because white people are also being helped, does not mean that blacks and Hispanics are not. 

The left claims that blacks and Hispanics are disproportionately in poverty, therefore should be given more aid and opportunity than whites. 

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If the goal was to help impoverished minorities, why should the means of obtaining this goal not simply be targeting aid to impoverished Americans in general? 

Providing aid this way, rather than specifically based on race would also help impoverished minorities. The program as it currently exists, does favor one race, and disadvantage the other. 

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