Pelosi Says Supreme Court Is ‘Dangerous To The Freedoms Of Our Country’

During an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of The Union,” Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said Trump-appointed justices have made the Supreme Court “dangerous”.

Bash asked Pelosi why Democrats didn’t anticipate an eventual overturn of Roe v. Wade

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“Who would have ever suspected that a creature like Donald Trump would become president of the United States, waving a list of judges that he would appoint, therefore, getting the support of the far-right, and appointing those anti-freedom justices to the court?” she said.

“Let’s not take our eye off the ball. The ball is this court, which is dangerous to the freedoms of our country,” Pelosi added.

She also suggested the possibility of the court ruling against marriage equality in the future.

In recent weeks, demonstrators have gathered outside the homes of several Supreme Court justices to protest the possible overturning of Roe v. Wade after a court draft opinion was leaked.

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When asked if the ruling could affect the midterms, Pelosi encouraged voters to “focus” on what Roe personally means for them.

“Just focus on what this does and what this means to you,” she said. “I don’t disrespect people’s views and how they want to live their lives. But I don’t think that it’s up to the Donald Trump appointees on the court or any politicians to make that decision for women”.

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“The fact is, this is a dangerous court to families, to freedom in our country. And that is why people have to mobilize. And my saying is, we don’t agonize; we organize,” she added.


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