Minnesota Dryness Worsens, 72% Of State In ‘Severe’ Drought

According to MPR news, 72% of Minnesota is experiencing a severe drought. 

These droughts are not new to this month, but the situation certainly has not gotten better in July. In fact, this month the droughts have only worsened. 

MPR reported, Just in the past week, severe drought has expanded from 52 percent of Minnesota up to 72 percent of the state. This is especially startling given that at the start of June less than 1 percent of the state had any severe drought areas. 

The state also saw the more intense “extreme” drought category for the first time last week since a very tiny area back in April (less than 1 percent), and that too saw a major jump from less that 4 percent last week to almost 19 percent currently.

These droughts have had profound impact on farmers, Gardner’s, and even homeowners frightened by the lack of water. 


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