‘Racial Justice’ should be ‘Number one priority’ when vaccinating according to Democrats

Democrat Senator Ed Markey claims that “racial justice” should be the number one priority in the vaccination process. 

But why? What role does racial favouritism play when saving lives from a global pandemic? If racial justice is desired, then everyone should be treated equally. The vaccine should not be used as a form of repetitions.

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This is a blatant example of pandering. Markey likely does not care about racial justice. He cares about sounding like a progressive good boy to his voters. 

This idea of playing racial favorites has been around as long as the vaccine itself. More than half of the United States released plans that involved prioritizing blacks and Hispanics over whites. 

Why? Because “blacks and Hispanics are more likely to die from the virus.” But why are they more likely to have a fatal experience? Are they genetically inferior? According to democrats, yes. But in reality the answer is that minorities are disproportionately in poverty. 

According to the CDC people who live in poverty are more vulnerable to covid. The answer is to prioritize those in poverty, not on the basis of race. 

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