Polls Shows RISING Skepticism in FAKE NEWS around the Covid Origin story

It really is unfortunate for the mainstream corporate media that polls can be taken anonymously.

A new poll conducted by the Trafalgar Group has indicated that a sizable majority of Americans appear to find the “lab-leak” theory more feasible than having an origin in nature. These numbers come a little over a week after thousands of pages worth of Dr. Fauci’s emails were released in the wake of a Freedom of Information Act request – many of these messages contradicting official messaging from the now-disgraced immunologist.

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These recent revelations have come at the chagrin of many who wish to believe what the TV-people tell them.

Is one poll a sufficient indicator of anything? No. However, the Trafalgar Group poll showing that 37% of Democrats, 74% of Republicans, and 55% of Independents believe that covid was a product of human intervention does coincide with numerous polls indicating a tanking trust in news networks. It is reasonable then to conclude that the media’s insistence (until just last week) that lab-leak was a conspiratorial fever-dream has largely fallen on deaf ears and flat on its face. Now, with the public’s ability to cite private correspondence with Fauci and other “experts” regarding the matter, it has never been easier to pick apart the fake news that has been polluting the airwaves since early last year and beyond.

Outlets have since taken to backtracking their positions, as well as maliciously editing old articles to try and save their vacuous credibility. In the midst of this massive miscarriage of journalism, many questions remain unanswered with regard to accountability: Will banned accounts and channels discussing lab leaks be restored and compensated? Will networks be liable? Will China be appropriately punished for what essentially amounts to an act of war on the rest of the world? Can a real investigation even be conducted at this point now that so much time has passed and tensions are so high?

All unclear as of now.

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