Project Veritas Drops Another BOMBSHELL with Fox 26 Whistleblower

It must always be kept in mind that censorious corporate media is censorious corporate media; their supposed target audience is of little consequence. Rs and Ds are less meaningful than they have ever been. Dedication to true journalism is far more easily indicated by a publication’s net-worth and sponsors than by anything else.

Ivory Hecker, anchor and assignment reporter for Austin, Texas’s Fox 26 network, has reviled that she, and presumably other colleges of hers, have had stories and other works of their shelved for not enforcing an overarching narrative. She made this statement during a segment covering the heatwave that is overtaxing the state’s energy grid, blindsiding her bosses.

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Hecker has partnered with Project Veritas, in order to release her story of systematic suppression of news – including recordings of the station’s editorial staff and other executives at Fox 26.

As one might come to expect, while Hecker is garnering praise from many for her willingness to confront censorious practices in journalism, others lining up to defend the networks that drip-feed them.

Hecker has since been fired from the network and the expose was run by Project Veritas. The report tells of Hecker’s superiors disallowing her to post any material on social media in regards to the medication Hydroxychloroquine – a drug that has been met with as many mixed reviews as the covid vaccines themselves. Additionally, Heckler produces recordings of Fox 26 staff curating and omitting stories that were arbitrarily deemed less newsworthy of certain racial demographics – as if Bitcoin is of greater importance to one group or another.


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