Police Standoff With Racial Separatist Group In Massachusetts

Individuals armed with ‘military style equipment’ and affiliated with a racial separatist group were arrested on I-95 in Massachusetts. 

11 arrests came after the assailants allegedly “ran out of fuel on a training trip.” They we’re headed to Maine and coming from Rhode Island. They failed to show police ID or firearm licenses and eventually had a standoff with officers after refusing to disarm. 

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The individuals bore a Moroccan flag, tactical gear, and firearms. They claimed to be members of “the rise of moors.” 

The group allegedly stands against the 14th amendment, citing it as a tool of usurpation.  They are also self proclaimed “sovereign citizens” 

No threats were made, but multiple members of the group retreated into the woods off the interstate at one point according to Massachusetts state police. 

The Daily Caller reported, The leader of the standoff has been identified as Jahmal Latimer, also known as Talib Abdulla Bey, according to CBS Boston. Latimer claims that his followers are not American citizens and that he is the “grand chief” of the territory of “Rhode Island.”

Moorish sovereign citizen groups such as Rise of the Moors believe that African Americans, as descendants of the historical Moors, make up an elite class within American society that are immune to Federal or State authority, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. They have been known to engage in both political violence and “paper terrorism,” acting against the American government through financial means.

No persons that reside within America are “sovereign citizens” all are required to obey the laws of the land and comply with police orders. 

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The longer behavior such as this is tolerated, the more chaos and disorder will be bred. Appeasement is never the proper way to deal with combatants. 


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