Abbott Veto’s House Budget After Walk Out

After Democratic representatives in Texas blocked a vote by walking off their house floor, Governor Greg Abbott threatened to veto a portion of the state budget that funds the legislative branch. Friday, he did just that. 

Fox reported, “Abbott vetoed funding weeks after several Texas House Democrats walked off the floor and broke quorum before a planned vote on Senate Bill 7. As a result, lawmakers were unable to hold a vote on the election bill before the end of the legislative session.”

The bill would change Texas policy in relation to elections and redistricting. The democrats who staged the walk out, opposed the legislation. This however does not mean that representatives can abandon their responsibilities.

Democrats in the lone star state called the move tyrannical, insinuating that the governor is acting as a dictator. “The tyrannical veto of the legislative branch is the latest indication that Abbott is simply out of control.” Rep. Chris Turner said. 

Rep. Eddie Rodriguez echoed similar sentiments on the topic.


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