Passenger Asked To Remove ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Mask On Spirit Flight

A passenger aboard a Spirit Airlines flight was allegedly forced to remove his electronic face mask with the slogan “Let’s go Brandon” and the letters FJB.

Adam Radogna posted videos of himself Friday, flying from Cleveland, Ohio, to Tampa, Florida, when he was handed a surgical mask to replace the one he was wearing.

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He asked a flight attendant why he needed a new mask, to which she replied “It’s offensive … it can be to some people, so we’re not going to go back and forth. Go ahead and put the blue one on, okay?”

After putting the surgical mask on over his own, Radogna said “This is not America anymore”.

“I was told I need to turn off my mask that says ‘Let’s go Brandon’ on it and my shirt is fine, though. The mask is not. The shirt says the same thing as the mask,” he explained. His sweatshirt featured the slogan with the former president’s face.

In a part two of the incident, Radogna was heard asking to speak to a supervisor from the terminal in Tampa.

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“It’s freedom of speech, sir. You’re not going to play with me today, OK? I’m allowed to wear a mask. The shirt says the same thing, Let’s go Brandon. It’s not political. You made it political,” he said.

“We live in America. This is Florida. This is the free state of Florida,” he added. “I’ll make a scene”.

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Radogna asked a supervisor, “If I had BLM on here or something else, would it have been fine for her?”

Since the phrase “Let’s go Brandon” first appeared, it has only grown in popularity. In October, a Southwest Airlines pilot was captured on video saying it over the flight’s intercom.

In response, the airline stated “Southwest does not tolerate any behavior that encouraged divisiveness, as it does not reflect the Southwest Hospitality and inclusiveness for which we are known and strive to provide each day on every flight”.


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