Leftist Women Assault Black Man While Shouting ‘Black Lives Matter’

A pair of elderly white women started shouting “black lives matter” as they assaulted a black man and attempted to kick him out of an elevator in a recent viral video.

The two women had begun acting erratic because the man had not been wearing a mask in the confined space. They began recording him and yelling “get out”. 

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As one woman invaded his personal space, appearing to grab for his face, he put his arms up in defense. The offending woman yelled “do not touch me!” Repeatedly before hitting the man. 

“Woah did you just hit me?!” The man exclaimed. The woman then accused him of having hit her, despite the video showing no such incident. 

It is at this point the woman who had hit the man started chanting “black lives matter”. It wasn’t long before her friend joined in, neither seemed to care that they were mistreating a black man. 

The video ends with the two woman further assaulting the man and attempting to force him out of the elevator. 

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