NYT Awarded Pulitzer Prize After Misleading America

The Pulitzer Prize is a high honor for achieving excellence in newspaper, magazine, and online journalism. It’s hard to believe that the award would be given to an organization for their COVID-19 coverage after they blatantly misled the American public and were willfully ignorant of evidence surrounding the topic. 

That is just what happened this year. The New York Times after calling the Wuhan lab leak theory a “fringe conspiracy theory” won the award for their pandemic coverage. 

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The Pulitzer is among the most prestigious awards in the industry, and yet a company riddled with scandal and untruth can win the prize, for a group of works that were at the center of all of it. 

The Daily Caller wrote, “One of the articles that won a prize was written by Donald McNeil, who was the paper’s top COVID-19 reporter before the NYT fired him for allegedly making “racist and sexist remarks” during a school trip that he was leading. McNeil said that he was asked about a high school student receiving a suspension for saying a racist slur when she was 12 years old, and in the process of answering the question, he repeated the slur.”

Allegedly the award was granted due to several very early pieces from spring of 2020, a constantly updated case count, reporting on nursing homes, colleges campuses and “racial inequity”. There’s no surprise that woke racial pandering is at the center of all of it. 

Much like the now halted Biden farmer relief that specifically excluded whites, during the pandemic people of color were prioritized in vaccination distribution and other categories in most States. The idea, is that minorities are predisposed to poverty therefore deserve prioritization. If this were the case all impoverished persons would be targeted, not just impoverished minorities. 

Andy Ngo called out some of these “excellent Journalists” on twitter, exposing their behavior that falls short of anything that could be considered remotely “excellent”


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