Democrats Push Bill To Allow Abortions Up To 9 Months

Senate Democrats have stirred the pot once again as they voted for a bill that would allow abortion up until 9 months in all states. 

What is the difference between a 9-month fetus and a first-day newborn? What difference is significant enough to justify killing the fetus but not the newborn? Why should the mother have a parental obligation to the newborn but not the fetus? 

This bill also would have forced Christian physicians to perform abortions unwillingly despite a breach of their religion. 

Fox News reported, “Several religious freedom experts warned about the effect the Protecting Women’s Health Act would have on Christian medical professionals who are against abortion should the bill pass the Senate and be signed into law”.


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Every doctor also takes the Hippocratic oath, an oath to do no harm. This bill would also affect doctors who simply wish to hold up to their oath and not harm unborn humans. 

 “Christian doctors and nurses would be covered by the WHPA’s mandate that all states maximize ‘access’ to elective abortions,” warned Richard M. Doerflinger an associate scholar at Charlotte Lozier Institute.

This seems to go back to the question of whether or not a Christian baker should have to make a cake for a gay couple? Intuitively we think, “well what’s the big problem?” 

If the baker owns his own business and feels as though doing such a thing would be a violation of his faith he certainly should not be coerced into doing so. The problem is while it seems like it shouldn’t be a big deal for the baker, it creates a slippery slope. 

Now we’ve found ourselves at the question; should a Christian doctor be coerced into performing an abortion? If so, what happens if they refuse? Do they go through all those years of schooling only to have their license revoked for refusing to perform an abortion? 

This would obviously be religious discrimination. So why is the same not true for the baker? Well, it is. The couple, just like the pregnant woman, can find another baker who is not a Christian. 


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