Russian Soldiers Allegedly Murder 10-Year-Old Girl While Drunk In Shybene, Ukraine

After having allegedly looted all the stores in the village of Shybene Russian soldiers shot and killed a 10-year-old Ukrainian girl in her home according to witnesses. 

The New York Post reported, Anastasia Stoluk, known as Nastya, was killed after the invading troops shot into her house in Shybene, about 40 miles north of Kyiv, her cousin Anya Stoluk, 18, told the Times of London.

Not only was Nastya killed instantly, but her uncle who was also in the home was also shot. He survived but was hospitalized. The family reportedly has been unable to obtain any information in relation to their now missing family member. 

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The ten-year-olds adoptive mother, Vera Dmitrienko alleged that the soldiers killed her daughter out of boredom. “People say that the soldiers just got so bored. They were even telling this to people in the village,” she said. 

She also claimed that the men had looted local businesses and stolen booze. She explained, “They looted all the stores in the village, of course, they got a lot of alcohol from the stores and got drunk and started shooting”.

Dmitrienko eventually mentioned that the shooting was possibly sparked by a young man who fired a gun into the air. 

“The soldiers heard it but since they were so drunk, they didn’t know where it was from, so they just started shooting everywhere they could see. They shot in four houses and in one of those houses was Nastya.” 

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This of course does not come even close to justifying firing weapons into random homes, but it does paint a more clear picture of what happened. The soldiers did not decide to randomly murder a 10-year-old girl in cold blood because they were bored. 

The soldiers likely know a gin was being fired from somewhere, then carelessly and recklessly fired their guns into every house that they thought may have possibly been harboring the young man. 

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Nastya’s family was also apparently unable to bring their child to the cemetery. Instead, soldiers forced them to bury the young girl in their yard. 


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