Biden To Outline Inflation Plan To Contrast Trump Years

President Biden says he will outline a plan to combat inflation in order to draw a contrast between his administration and the previous “ultra MAGA” party. It would seem evident that the contract has already been drawn. 

Fox News reported, that President Biden Tuesday is expected to outline his plan to lower costs for American families and tackle the historic inflation facing the nation while drawing a stark contrast between his administration’s policies and an “ultra-MAGA” proposal that White House officials say would be “devastating” for the middle class.

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The average inflation rate between 1980 and 2020 was 2.3%, throughout the entirety of Trump’s Presidency the rate was at or below this rate. In 2020 amidst a pandemic, the inflation rate was at a term low of 1.4%. 

Joe Biden took the Oval Office on January 20th, 2021 and the inflation rate skyrocketed to 7%. Now, here we are in 2022 and it’s only gotten worse with an inflation rate of 8.5%. 

If Biden truly possess the power to reign in an inflation rate that would be lower than 2.3% all he would prove is that he could have done it the entire time but instead chose to allow the American people to suffer. 

Meanwhile, the President is also pushing for Congress to “immediately” pass a spending package dedicated to Ukraine aid. The package would allocate roughly $40 billion to the war-torn nation. In a time where inflation is at record highs, and gas prices soar, why is America dumping billions into a war that could mean the end of civilized society if the U.S. were to enter it? 

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