Man Arrested Over Joe Biden Gas Pump Stickers

Have you ever heard of a person being arrested and criminally charged over stickers? A Pennsylvania man was sent to the slammer after affixing Joe Biden’s “I did that” stickers on gas pumps. 

Thomas Richard Glazewski of Manor Township, PA was charged with a misdemeanor resisting arrest last week. He was also apparently charged with disorderly conduct, harassment, and criminal mischief.

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As police surrounded him he shouted “I did that. I did that. That’s what I did,” pointing to the joke stickers that he placed on the gas pumps. He had apparently also sprayed the stickers with something in order to make them even more difficult to remove. 

These satirical stickers that blame President Joe Biden for rising gas prices have been seen on pumps all over the United States. Apparently, 100 of the stickers can be purchased for only $10.

The stickers are quite harmless, and easily removable, though gas stations and gas pumps are private property. 

The man allegedly suffered “self-inflicted injuries” after the police tackled him in the parking lot. The injuries prompted EMS to take Glazwski to the hospital. 

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