Marjorie Taylor Greene Swatted AGAIN

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene announced Thursday that she was swatted for the second time, just one day after the first attack.

“Swatted again last night,” she tweeted Thursday morning.

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Greene was swatted at her home at 1 a.m. on Wednesday after someone called 911 about a “subject being shot multiple times at an address within the city limits.”

“I can’t express enough gratitude to my local law enforcement here in Rome, Floyd County. More details to come,” she said Wednesday morning.

Police reported that the suspect, who was speaking through a computer generated voice, said they were “upset about Mrs. Greene’s political view on transgender youth rights.”

According to an incident report by the Rome Police Department, the second swatting happened just before before 3 a.m. Thursday.

“Rome/Floyd E-911 received a call about a male possible shooting his family members and then himself at… the home of Marjorie Greene,” the report said.

“The males name that was given was Wayne Greene. The call came in as though it was from a suicide crisis center but it was not through a phone, it was from an internet chat,” police explained.

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The suspect said they “came out as transgender and claimed that they shot the family,” adding “If anyone tried to stop me from shooting myself, I will shoot them.”

Officers responded to Greene’s home and confirmed that the second report was false. 

“This is an active investigation and no further information can be released at this time,” said the Rome Police Department.

While speaking to Jack Posobiec on The Charlie Kirk show about the first swatting, Greene said “It was a scary situation last night, something I never expected and should not have happened. This was basically political terrorism.”

She explained how she woke up in the middle of the night to police outside her house. Her “instinct” was to grab her gun, but she decided to leave it in her room to answer the door.

Greene shared how concerned and upset she was as she learned what had happened. Once the officers realized there was no danger, they let Greene know she had been swatted.

“Not only did they put my life and my family’s lives in danger, they also put the police officers’ lives in danger. So whoever this person is, they deserve to be locked up,” she added.


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