Kathy Hochul Launches Drinks To Go Program

Governor Kathy Hochul is surprisingly giving New Yorkers the breadcrumb they want and deserve – drinks to go! 

The New York Post reported, Gov. Kathy Hochul said Wednesday that she’ll reinstate the state’s popular “Drinks-to-Go” initiative, which allowed bars and restaurants to sell adult beverages for takeout.

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It’s odd that beverages to go is something that’s against the law in the first place in the land of the free – but its legalization will likely bring joy to the Empire State, 

Hochul says that the move is necessary to assist small businesses that are struggling. Though, many might argue that ending lockdowns for the unvaccinated might also help small businesses survive, and may even be what’s holding them back. 

“Thousands of bars and restaurants, the soul of our neighborhoods, have had to close. For others hanging on by a thread, survival depends on whether they can create more space outdoors, a tough task during our New York winters.” Hochul said. 

Right now, in New York City, the unvaccinated are not allowed to enter public buildings and businesses. Gyms, restaurants, theaters, bars, etc are off-limits to anyone who can’t prove that they’ve had the jab. 

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This not only strips the unvaccinated of their free will but limits the customers that small businesses can possibly serve and profit from. 


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