Minneapolis Votes To Dismantle Police Force

After the death of George Floyd, Minneapolis has become bitter towards the law enforcement and are now voting to dismantle the police force in the Minnesota city. 

Fox News reported, In the first real decision after Minneapolis became the epicenter of the police reform movement following the death of George Floyd last year, voters are preparing to either reject or approve a measure Tuesday that could dismantle the city’s police department and replace it with another law enforcement agency.

Those headed to the ballot box will be faced with electing a new mayor and approve a number of initiatives, including a city charter amendment to replace the Minneapolis Police Department with a Department of Public Safety, which would be under the control of the mayor and the city council. 

In order to successfully replace the police force, at least 51% of all voters would have to favor the measure at the polls. 

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It’s likely that if police are replaced, for certain calls, counselors or social workers would be employed to deal with the issue. 

The people if Minneapolis seriously underestimate how quickly a domestic, or mental health call can turn violent. If an unarmed social worker is to respond to a largely non-violent domestic call how is that person to respond if the situation turns violent? 

Are the social workers to be armed with the ability to arrest and trained in the use of deadly force? If this were the case, would they not simply be Police officers with mental health training? 

“I was raised to understand that when you get in trouble, you call 911 and someone on the other end is going to help. Most of the time, unless it’s fire, the helper is going to be a police officer,” said a Minneapolis resident named Erica Mauter. 

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The reason that police officers respond to these calls, is because they’re trained, and able to do so. A lack of police response will undoubtedly place more people in danger. 


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