Female Runners Lost Titles to MEN Biden Abandons Them

In 2018 a lawsuit was brought forth against state and local officials by 3 cis gendered female runners from Connecticut. The lawsuit was regarding the fact that these young women lost their titles to biological men that they were forced to compete against. 

After the Biden administration has taken steps to allow situations like this to occur far more often, the DOJ has decided to withdraw their interests in the case. 

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Fox News wrote: 

“The Department of Justice became involved in the case under former President Donald Trump, with former Attorney General Bill Barr filing a statement of interest in March 2020.

The Justice Department’s decision to back out of the case comes ahead of a Friday hearing on a motion to dismiss the lawsuit.”

While biological men who identify as women should be allowed to compete in sports, they should remain in the category that their biological sex places them in. 

The male body is by default athletically superior over the female body. This is not to say that women cannot best men in sports, but on average men have a higher ability than women. 

This issue could be a crippling blow to Biden’s voter base in the next election as young women lose support for the president 

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