Armed Bystander Takes Down Mass Shooter In Indianapolis

The left will constantly preach that the “good guy with a gun” scenario is a myth that never actually stops mass shootings. Time and time again the scenario plays out and saves lives. 

In Indianapolis, an armed bystander shot and killed a shopping mall gunman who had killed three people and likely would have killed others. 

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The gunman, who was only 22 happened to have been carrying a firearm when the gunman opened fire on defenseless civilians. 

“The real hero of the day is the citizen that was lawfully carrying a firearm in that food court and was able to stop the shooter almost as soon as he began,” said the police chief of Greenwood. 

The gunman had a rifle with “multiple magazines” of ammunition according to Reuters. The suspect entered the food court of the mall and started shooting people. 

One 12-year-old girl was killed along with other victims ranging in age from 20s to 30s. 

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The story didn’t end here, not long after a suspicious backpack was found outside of a bathroom, which caused a bomb squad to be called in. The backpack was investigated and found to be benign. 


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