Missouri Police Did Not Shoot An Unarmed Pregnant Woman 5 Times

Friday afternoon, during a  stop, Missouri police shot three times at a black woman who remained at the scene after her driver fled. 

Almost immediately, myths regarding the incident began to spread. Some accused the police of shooting an unarmed pregnant black woman 5 times. Though it’s unclear if she was pregnant, the assailant Leonna Hale, 26 certainly was armed. 

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The vehicle was allegedly involved in a robbery, and was located at a family dollar and conducted an inspection. All suspects aside from Hale fled from the car. 

Body camera footage reveals that she did in fact have a pistol in her hand that was pointed in the direction of police when she was shot. 

Two officers fired, one male officer and one female officer, each saying that they feared the suspect would fire her weapon at them as it was pointed in their direction.

Hale was taken to the hospital where she was treated for her gunshot wounds. After body camera footage reveals the handgun in her hand at the time of the shooting, she still denies being armed. 

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