Fauci: VACCINATED By July, But Still Wearing MASKS in 2022

After claiming that nearly everyone would be vaccinated by July, Dr Fauci decided that we may still have to wear masks in 2022.

He claims that by the end of the year, we will return to “some degree of normality” normality to many is being able to have social encounters with others freely. If this is possible why would we need masks? The social encounter itself would be enough to contract the virus regardless of mask wearing. 

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He then went back on this and claimed that “for the most part we don’t need to wear masks” if everyone is vaccinated. Which he already claimed would happen long before 2022.

So why is Fauci actively poking the bear and attempting to play both sides and agitate the populous? Likely because Fauci is just a puppet.  

We have heard Fauci claim one thing and immediately go back on it time and time again. First it was no masks, then it was wear a mask,  it was be more worried about influenza, then it was don’t compare the two. It’s a never ending spiral of cluelessness.


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